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Best 3 Star Hotels Madurai

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Moskva Hotel Madurai, a 3-star luxury Best Hotel Near Meenakshi Amman Temple. An architectural marvel, this upscale hotel in Madurai features majestic interiors that support the city's relic heritage. Equally surrounded by Thirumalai nayakar Mahal, Meenakshi Amman temple and station, etc. Our Best 3-star hotel in Madurai is in the center of the city, everything is beautiful in Madurai.


Hotel Amenities Ideas you ought to Consider Now |

Hotels that provide paid lodging and typically complementary products and services are ubiquitous and typify the hospitality industry (Chon and Sparrow, 2000). The hotel industry is taken into account one of the foremost lucrative enterprises worldwide and, with global growth continuing to be positive (Ernst and Young, 2006), warrants introspective scrutiny. The typical hotel guest spends some four waking hours per day at a property (Marsan, 1999); the majority of the remaining time is spent in slumber. Half of those waking hours would typically be spent within the confines of the guestroom (Lundberg, 1994) with the 2 remaining hours at the varied on-site facilities such as the hotel's food and beverage (F&B) outlets. Utilization of the guestroom signifies the criticality of the accommodation component within the hotel product and hence its importance in terms of its conceptualization and operation.

With numerous new hotel brands, competition from short-term rentals, and new technologies, it’s easy to urge overwhelmed when trying to form your hotel stand call in the eyes of hotel guests. Renovating your property is dear and time-consuming but hotel amenities are a simple and high impact thanks to standing call at your competitive set.

3Star Hotel | Essential Hotel Amenities (Basics Checklist, Toiletries, etc.)

Before diving into our list of unique amenities, we want to ensure every hotel has the fundamentals covered. These amenities won’t be the main point for hotels, but now they’re par for the course. Simply put, when guests occupy a hotel, they expect these things to be readily available and free from charge:

1. Toiletries (e.g. Shampoo, lotion, etc.)

2. Care (combs, shaving soap, razor, cap, and hair dryer)

3. Coffee Kit (maker, coffee, and creamer)

4. Tissue box

5. Bathrobes and slippers:

Ready to take things to a subsequent level? Many hotels now offer elevated amenities to rise to compete with vacation rentals. If your hotel is found during a market with tons of competition from Airbnb - or if you’re just looking to grab a competitive edge - consider making these amenities available

6. Free breakfast:

Guests want to save lots of money and luxuriate in the convenience of either cooking their breakfast or enjoying breakfast just steps from their room. When most short-term rentals include kitchens, hotels can compete on the breakfast front by offering some kind of free breakfast option, whether it’s a continental buffet or a sit-down hot meal. a free breakfast option, whether

7. Free Wi-Fi internet access:

Remember the time's hotel Wi-Fi cost $20 per day? Well, some hotels are still stuck there in the era. Free Wi-Fi is quickly becoming an amenity a bit like shampoo: guests expect it, and they don’t want to buy it. For a few guests, no free Wi-Fi is often a deal-breaker. Want to travel above and beyond? Let guests stream their favorite TV through platforms like Netflix via your bedroom TVs.

8. Free parking:

Parking is different from the competition with short-term rentals. Some short-term rentals include a parking lot, so if your hotel’s parking comes at a fee, that’s one more reason for guests to choose an Airbnb. We recommend performing some research on short-term rentals in your market to ascertain what the parking trends are. The more upscale your hotel, the more guests will expect valet parking.

9. Room Purification:

Especially in urban markets, hotel rooms should be oases of calm. As a guest, you would like an opportunity to from street noise, crowds, and the city smells. Create the optimal environment for straightforward breathing with a guestroom air purifier, which isn’t only a pleasant amenity to possess, but also a necessity for people with allergies or respiratory problems. Companies like Pure Wellness offer high-tech air sanitization specifically for hotel rooms, which makes it possible to take care of hypoallergenic and great-smelling spaces with minimal extra effort.

The outlook for bedroom service

Hotel room service still has many years before it—but it's likely to seem very different because it adapts to a rapidly changing technological world and heightened guest expectations. Lowering barriers to ordering like order fees, increasing the standard of the cuisine offered, and utilizing valuable customer data to optimize your room service menu are all effective ways you'll increase the reputation of room service at our hotel and compete with the increasingly mobile restaurant industry.

Although you'll implement all of those changes without the utilization of digital technology, digital solutions allow you to satisfy them far more easily and efficiently. Most digital solutions out there are designed with collecting customer data in mind. To feature thereto, they also accompany a mess of other benefits like offering booking systems for activities and communication channels with the front desk. So, it is a good idea to buy around to ascertain which digital solutions you think can help your hotel best achieve the changes mentioned above to spice up room service at your hotel.

Visit our Meeting Halls in Madurai, from small and simple meetings to international conferences, our team of professionals is on hand to help you plan everything down to the smallest detail. With meeting and banquet space at your disposal, you can be assured that every event held here will be truly unforgettable.

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