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3 Star Hotels Madurai

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

3 Star Hotel in Madurai | Hotels in Madurai | Multi-Cuisine Food to line new heights

Trying out a replacement cuisine and exploring food seems at the highest of the priority list for many foodies. The exposure to different cultures and cuisines through frequent traveling, media, and therefore the internet has fueled an interest in regional and ethnic cuisines. People are now hooked on the thought of exploring the gastronomical journey. This makes them curious and hospitable for new options than equivalent old delights. This nature is great influencing think about predicting the food trends of 2017.

Our country has witnessed a drastic change in food trends, beyond just basic mainstream cuisine, which has been a welcome change for restaurateurs giving them an opportunity to experiment. Previously any restaurant that served food outside mainstream Indian, Italian, or Chinese wasn't immediately well received. The old rule of sticking to those mainstream cuisines to be safe and ensure your food establishment works is slowly changing. We will see many restaurants which are opting to serve cuisines like Lebanese, Greek, Mexican, and a number of other sorts of food too.

Rise of offbeat Mediterranean cuisine

We've been quite conversant in the flavors and therefore the delicacies of Middle Eastern cuisine but the Mediterranean is giving a troublesome fight through its sublime and zesty flavors. It’s not just Hummus, Falafel, and Caesar salad any longer. Food mongers have shown an interest to undertake authentic dishes like Moussaka, Moroccan Tagine, Greek specialty Tzatziki, Jordon Mansaf, etc. These roots towards having an enhanced taste of palate. Our Mediterranean restaurant, Arbatskaya Restaurant Hotel Moskva, Aqaba, provides our customers with the delights of the Mediterranean lands transporting them to the lands of Jordon, Lebanon, Persia, Greece, Israel, and Morocco.

Everyone is getting health conscious.

Eating healthy yet delicious food is that a requirement of each age bracket now. Being into fitness isn't just a trend or phase but a how of life. For now, there are only a few such places that serve a healthy alternative. With an increasing number of households opting to dine out or order, the potential for healthy yet tasty cuisine is tremendous. This is often one of the sole factors in which healthy cuisine within the QSR segment might be a rival to current mainstream categories. Restaurants like Pannier serve a variety of healthy yet appetizing salads, soups, wraps, and sandwiches on the doorstep. Innovative delicacies like Masala Omelets Bagels, Hummus, and Avocado Bagel are well-liked choices.

Moskva Best Restaurant in Madurai
Moskva Best Restaurant in Madurai

Country Ethnic Cuisine:

Sushi from Japan, Pizza from Italy, and Szechwan from China are a few items most ordinarily known by people. Now, due to the good effects of globalization people are trying to find country-specific cuisine. They need to undertake beyond the common choices and even explore. Ethiopian, Moroccan, Polynesian, South African, and Peruvian cuisines are likely to gear up to charm your taste buds within the coming year!

Fusion Delights:

Because we Indians have always had our love towards spiced-up hot cuisine, they're various trends that glorify the thought of fusion food. Fusion food can have the underlying taste of our traditional dishes, adding a twist of continental flavors or vice-versa. A sandwich with a mixture of roasted chicken and mango ‘Chutney’ and or a flowery very of mango ‘Chunda’ or maybe an easy Chai latte makes fusion sound exciting. The twist of daring flavors is in high demand.

Lastly, in recent times we've seen the recognition of presenting food in unique ways with the highest milk shapes in mason jars or black burgers. Presentation, plating, and flavors acquire the utmost importance now and are likely to continue in 2017. People are beyond what they need and its flavors. There’s always a requirement of adding a zealous X factor to the cuisine to form it a trending concept.

In retrospect, food trends are very quick to urge popular and even forgotten, but few stay. The events that have taken place within the current year are the main trigger factors in setting future trends. From the business perspective of the food industry, we will see trends like digitization of bills and technology replacing manpower thriving over the course of next year. The longer-term trends have great potential but only time can tell which can one lasts the longest.

Moskva Hotel Madurai
Moskva Hotel Madurai

Room Facility in Moskva Hotel Madurai

Moskva Hotel is a 3 Star hotel in Madurai located near Railway Station. Book hotels Madurai, check rooms, tariff, banquet hall & amenities for a comfortable stay!

The lodging options at Moskva Hotel include classic rooms, deluxe rooms, continental rooms, and presidential suites. These air-conditioned rooms are well-planned and thoughtfully designed. The in-room facilities comprise a color television, minibar, tea/coffee maker, telephone, writing desk, and international plug points. For more information call +91-8489914838 or visit here Best 3-Star Hotel in Madurai

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